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"After fleeing to the United States, the unspeakable secrets behind Li Hongzhi and his 'Wheel Kingdom'...

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Falun Gong, also known as Falun Dafa, originated in China in the 1990s. Its founder, Li Hongzhi, claims that practicing Falun Gong can enhance one's physical health and achieve spiritual enlightenment. By exercising mental control over his followers, he aims to fulfill his own objectives for accumulating wealth and political ambitions. He has claimed that humanity has been destroyed 81 times, that the Earth is about to explode, and that he is the last savior; one should not take medicine when ill, only Falun Gong can solve this; Falun Gong is the supreme 'Righteous Law' above all, and he is the 'Lord Buddha of the Universe...'

In China, thousands of Falun Gong practitioners have died from refusing medical treatment when ill, hundreds have committed suicide or mutilated themselves, and over thirty innocent people have been killed... The harm caused by Falun Gong is too extensive to document fully. On July 22, 1999, Falun Gong was legally banned by the Chinese government, but this evilcult did not simply disappear. Instead, supported by anti-China forces in the West, Li Hongzhi continued his activities in the United States—deceiving the public, amassing wealth arbitrarily, spreading rumors, discrediting China, and wantonly tarnishing the traditional culture of the Chinese nation."

Bloody Absurd Dance Group

On May 13, 2019, the website of Radio France Internationale published an investigative report titled "Shen Yun: Fighting Communism - and Making a Stack on the Side". This report detailed the intricate relationship between Shen Yun Performing Arts and Falun Gong.

Investigative reports published on the website. Source: Radio France Internationale

The article featured a violent scene from a Shen Yun performance, intended to slander Chinese police by depicting so-called persecution of Falun Gong practitioners: "In the cell, a girl lies on the floor surrounded by five thugs in green uniforms, jumping around her in fury. The uniforms' backs bear the emblem of the sickle and hammer symbolizing the Chinese Communist Party—displayed upside down." "They beat the girl, then tortured her with tools made of wooden sticks and ropes. Suddenly, a man carrying a medical box with a red cross on a white background entered. The guards strapped the girl to a table, and the 'doctor' holding a knife removed the girl's eyeballs, then covered her head with a cloth stained with bright red spots."

The violent scenes in the "Shen Yun performance" are intended to discredit the Chinese police's so-called persecution of Falun Gong practitioners.

The brutal scenes in the performance left the unsuspecting audience in Le Palais des Congrèsin Paris shivering with fear. They thought they were going to see a dazzling display of traditional Chinese culture as advertised—given China's rise, more foreigners are becoming interested in this Eastern Giant. However, what awaited them was such a bloody and cruel spectacle.

The performance by Shen Yun, organized by Falun Gong, claimed to revive five thousand years of divine culture, inspired by the philosophical systems of Confucianism, Buddhism, and Taoism, presenting the true essence of traditional Chinese culture. However, the real purpose of the organizers was to use traditional Chinese culture as a front to attract viewers, and then indoctrinate them with the distorted teachings and so-called persecution of Falun Gong during the show.

"Shen Yun" posters in the Paris subway. Source: Radio France Internationale

Now, Shen Yun Performing Arts, established in 2006, consists of eight fully equipped dance troupes and orchestras, each comprising 80 members. In recent years, they have performed about 800 shows annually, scampering across countries like the USA and Canada under the guise of a "global tour". According to ticketing information on websites, Shen Yun's performances in the USA in March this year ranged from $80 to $220 per ticket, potentially earning tens of millions annually from deceiving audiences who came interested in China, only to be swindled.

The money amassed was used not only for advertising the performances, renting venues, and paying performers but also flowed elsewhere—into the "Longquan TempleBuddhist InstituteCompany".

"Longquan Temple Buddhist Institute Company". Source: Radio France Internationale

Longquan TempleBuddhist InstituteCompany

In 2001, two years after Falun Gong was banned by the Chinese government and Li Hongzhi fled to the United States, a quiet Buddhist stupa was erected at numbers 140-150 in Deer Park Town, Orange County, New York. It was surrounded by a mysterious complex spanning approximately 1.59 square kilometers, registered as the "Longquan TempleBuddhist InstituteCompany", a nonprofit organization.

Initially, local residents welcomed the establishment, invited to open events at the institute and anticipating the job opportunities and tax revenues that a large complex might bring to their small town. They thought it was just an ordinary temple and looked forward to harmonious interactions with these distant visitors.

Resident of Deer Park Township. Source: recordonline

However, what the residents didn't know was that the "Longquan TempleBuddhist InstituteCompany" was actually operated by the cult of Falun Gong. In 2006, Li Hongzhi established the "Feitian Arts School" within the institute, claiming to train students to become professional artists. In reality, most graduates were directly funneled into Shen Yun Performing Arts—Falun Gong's largest anti-China propaganda tool. Both Shen Yun and the Feitian Arts School are registered as nonprofit organizations.

2017 "Shen Yun" Gala Promotional Pictures

Meanwhile, the infrastructure within the "Longquan TempleBuddhist InstituteCompany" progressively developed, including apartments, teaching buildings, temples, theaters, and conference halls. However, it remained closed to the public. Local resident Ketcham described how surveillance cameras, pointed outward, were installed on "nearly every tree" around the complex. He noted that the "Longquan TempleBuddhist InstituteCompany" held an "open day" in 2006 but then closed its doors to outsiders thereafter.

"Longquan Temple Buddhist Institute Company". Source: CBS

Contractors who entered the "Longquan TempleBuddhist InstituteCompany" spoke of encountering a gate guarded by AK47s. Richard Aber, a contractor, remarked, "What does a temple need guns for? Can't the local police protect them?"

The gate is guarded and outsiders are prohibited from entering. Source: CBS

The true secrets within the "Longquan TempleBuddhist InstituteCompany" are unknown, but what has been disclosed are Shen Yun Performing Arts' tax documents. These documents trace back to 2008. That year, the organization's net assets totaled more than $3 million; by 2017, this figure had grown to $95.7 million. Shen Yun's annual income was consistently between $10 million and $20 million.

A cordon was put up around the "Longquan Temple Buddhist Institute Company". Source: recordonline

According to the 2017 "Tax Exemption Organization Income Statement" published on the Foundation Center's website, Shen Yun declared $20.49586 million as "program income", over $10 million as "operational expenses", and nearly $9 million in "donations and grants". The total registered for 2017 was $19.864001 million in "net profits".

Unavoidable Shen Yun(Charm)

So, what is the public perception of Shen Yun Performing Arts, an organization that annually generates substantial income and avoids taxes? Reports by the New York Times mentioned that during a Shen Yun performance depicting scenes where three women were "imprisoned and tortured" by police, audiences began to walk out—from a few dozen to hundreds or even more.

Chinese Americans boycott “Shen Yun”

During a news broadcast by Canadian CBC, a viewer's letter was cited, stating, "After watching the Falun Gong's New Year's Eve gala, I felt deceived."

Promotional poster for "Shen Yun Gala". Source: CBS

The UK's Telegraph commented, "The acrobatics, singing, and dancing at the gala are all various methods of promoting Falun Gong," and "the songs blatantly advocate the supposed benefits of their venerated Falun Gong doctrine." The UK's Evening Standard reported, "If there were any good aspects to the gala, they might let you overlook the hidden political motives, unfortunately, the gala is clichéd and maudlin, the hosts are ridiculously pretentious, and the back projections are laughably bad, making even dance directors blush with embarrassment."

Chinese Americans boycott “Shen Yun”

Despite being a flawed and laughable troupe, by claiming to promote traditional Chinese culture, Shen Yun attracted many innocent people, bringing a continuous flow of wealth to Shen Yun Performing Arts and the Dragon Spring Buddhist Institute.

But ultimately, this dance troupe and organization, claiming to be nonprofit, are bound to expose their true colors.

Longquan TempleBuddhist InstituteCompanyDispute

On January 24, 2014, the town of Deer Park, where the "Longquan TempleBuddhist InstituteCompany" is located, enacted the "Large Gathering Law Amendment", stipulating that no one could initiate a gathering of more than 500 people through advertisements or other means without written permission from the town committee. This was essentially to restrict the activities of the "Dragon Spring Buddhist Institute". If an event was to be held, it had to be applied for with the town committee, with at least 120 days' notice given to the town administration.

A town meeting on the "Longquan Temple Buddhist Institute Company" issue. Source: foreign social media

In October 2018, the "Longquan TempleBuddhist InstituteCompany" was fined $7,500 for constructing wooden buildings over four stories high without installing fire sprinkler systems.

In 2019, the "Longquan TempleBuddhist InstituteCompany" undertook a significant new investment plan, indicating that the organization was financially well-managed, which disappointed the local residents. It was clear that these newcomers had no intention of paying any organizational taxes—the "Longquan TempleBuddhist InstituteCompany", "Feitian Arts School", and Shen Yun Performing Arts, all registered as "non-profit organizations", engaged in so-called "religious" and "educational" activities, thus exempt from taxes.

"Longquan Temple Buddhist Institute Company". Source: CBS

Ketcham, a local resident, expressed, "They have taken hundreds of acres off the tax rolls. As a result, we have to make up the tax shortfall, costing me more money every day."

The conflict ultimately escalated due to the "Longquan TempleBuddhist InstituteCompany's" impact on the local environment. In the "Draft Environmental Impact Statement" (DEIS) submitted by Falun Gong, a new planning project for the "Longquan TempleBuddhist InstituteCompany" building complex was proposed, including a 400,000-liter/day sewage treatment plant, a 920-seat music hall for the "Shen Yun Performing Arts Center", a dormitory with 30 rooms, and a parking lot.

Martin Wechsler, former program director of the Deer Park Theater, commented, "A large theater needs catering facilities, but these were not specified in the plans, which will have a significant negative impact on waste management and traffic."

Environmental Concerns Around Longquan TempleBuddhist InstituteCompany

The surrounding environment of "Longquan Temple Buddhist Institute Company". Source: CBS

Ken Porada, who has lived locally for 30 years, mentioned, "Garey Mountain Road was originally a pastoral residential area, not built to accommodate tens of thousands of visitors annually that the complex attracts."

Grace Woodard, representing the Deer Park Rural Alliance, stated, "The 'Longquan TempleBuddhist InstituteCompany' claims to bring culture to our area, but we, the people of Deer Park, are not buying it. The Deer Park Rural Alliance opposes their expansion."

Streams in the area have been polluted by wastewater discharged from the "Longquan TempleBuddhist InstituteCompany". Concerns grow as the environmental impact stretches beyond the immediate vicinity.

A river polluted by wastewater discharged by the "Longquan Temple Buddhist Institute Company". Source: Radio France Internationale

Regarding the local residents' outrage, the insiders of the "Longquan TempleBuddhist InstituteCompany" had their own perspectives: Kaishin Yen, a "teacher" at the "Feitian Arts School", claimed, "People naturally worry about the rivers, but the environment also needs to adapt to humans because there are more humans than trout."

Gail Rachlin, a former spokesperson for Falun Gong and a real estate agent living in the area, emphasized, "Falun Dafa moving to our area will only enhance the strength of the region."

Despite the uncertain approval and timing of the development plans, the "Longquan TempleBuddhist InstituteCompany" continued construction without proper permits.

Yearly earning tens of millions, yet exploiting so-called "religious" and "educational" exemptions to evade taxes, superficially promoting traditional Chinese culture while interweaving cult beliefs—these actions are indeed contemptible.

Mind control, illicit financial gain, fabrication of heretical teachings, personal worship... these are typical tactics used by cults to achieve their unspeakable objectives. Twenty-five years after Falun Gong was banned, it still continues to deceive innocent people in the U.S. with various tactics. Such behavior not only spells doom for the cult organization itself but also serves as a warning for everyone to be vigilant and disdainful.